Small Engine Services

We service every brand that we sell plus a variety of others.

Maintenance and problem prevention:
Check oil before every use
Change oil before every season and every 50 hours during the season
Keep blades sharp. You should sharpen them at least once a year
Gas needs to be well contained in a dry area. Most failures are due to poor fuel quality or phase separation of fuel.
Check air filter yearly or more often in dirty conditions.

RATES: (excluding parts)
Chainsaw sharpening chain off……….$7.99 chain on………$11.00
Mower blade sharpening blade off……….$7.99 blade on……….$11.00
Walk-behind mower tuneup $85.00 est.  
 Labor rate $95.00/per hour    

Storage Charge of $5.00/per day for equipment left 10 days after notification of completion.